What is a Combination Bottle?

A combination bottle consists of 3 drops each of each Bach Flower Remedy indicated by your questionnaire and the best match for your needs. We also intuitively add an additional Bach Flower Remedy. Your combination remedy bottle will come to you in a 1oz glass bottle with a dropper lid. The bottle is filled with purified water, and your remedies. There is a trace of brandy in the Bach Remedies themselves, but no additional alchohol is added to your bottle.

With Bach Flower Remedies, as in Homeopathic remedies, less is more. You only need a few drops a day to start making changes in your life.

Your combination bottle will come with instructions and a listing of the remedies contained in your bottle as well as explainations of these remedies.

We wish you well, and would love to help you on your journey of finding Your Higher Nature.


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