Specialty Combinations

Themed Bach Flower Remedy Combination Bottles are also available in addition to the Customized Bottles made in accordance to your questionnaire.

These bottles are great for when you have a specific need, and for others as gifts.

Choose From the Themed Bottles Below. There is one price for shipping, no matter how many bottles are ordered.


Clear Thinking and Action


Gratitude in a Bottle

Heartbreak Help

Joy in a Bottle

Luscious Loving


Spiritual Transformation

Springing Forward

Very Virile

Help for the Classroom

Jet Lag

Aspen – Vague fears and anxieties. Feeling vulnerable. Promotes trust and courage
Cerato – Indecision, doubting oneself. Promotes confidence, trusting ones inner self.
Cherry Plum – Irrational fears, fear of losing control on some level. Promotes inner peace.
Holly – Anger, irritability and many negative emotions. Promotes harmony, faith in others and self.
Larch – Feeling insecure and low confidence. Fear of failure. Promotes courage, stability and confidence.
Rock Water – Rigidity, perfectionism, overly determined. Promotes flexibility.
Star of Bethlehem – Effects of emotional stress. Promotes calm and peace.
White Chestnut – Mental restlessness, unwanted persistent thoughts and worries. Promotes mental peace.

Clear Thinking and Action

Cerato – Inner Certainty
Chestnut Bud – Interest in the Present
Clematis – Clear Mind and Being Present
Crab Apple – To See What Is Important
Gentian – To Remove Doubt
Gorse – To Seize Opportunities
Honeysuckle – To Take the Necessary Steps
Hornbeam – Release Procrastination
Larch – To Support Taking Action
Rock Water – To Release Inner Blocks
Scleranthus – Supports Decisions
White Chestnut – Supports Staying on Task
Wild Oat – Commitment To Follow Your Vision


Oak – Provides stamina & endurance
Olive – Alleviate exhaustion
Clematis – Increase mental clarity
Hornbeam – To increase vitality
Elm – Faith you’ll complete your task
Wild Rose – To bring joy back into your life.

Gratitude in a Bottle
Agrimony – Promotes authenticity and intimacy
Beech – For Tolerance and acceptance
Chicory – Unconditional love
Holly – Opens your heart
Impatiens – Promotes patience
Pine – Gratitude and worthiness
Star of Bethlehem – Connection to those around you and yourself
Water Violet – Open sharing and communication
Wild Oat – To appreciate your life.

Heartbreak Help:

Chestnut Bud – To make new choices
Chicory – Unconditional love
Crab Apple – To cleanse on every level
Holly – Open the heart to the universal abundance of love
Honeysuckle – Letting go of the past or a loss
Pine – To increase self love
Star of Bethlehem – Recover from a loss, grief, or trauma, more connection
Sweet Chestnut – For joy and light
*Ignatia 200C To mend the heart.

Joy in a Bottle
Gentian – For perseverance
Gorse – For faith & hope
Holly – To feel more loving
Hornbeam – To increase vitality
Mustard – For cheerfulness
Pine – Freedom from blame
Sweet Chestnut – For trusting
Wild Oat – a sense of life–purpose

Luscious Loving – Open Heart, Unconditional Love:
Agrimony – Authentic, open sharing
Chicory – Unconditional love
Heather – Compassionate giving
Holly – Opens the heart
Mimulus – Courage to love
Water Violet – Ability to connect openly
White Chestnut – To be really present
Wild Oat – To be clear in your intent
*Nux Vomica 200C – To create what you want.

Coffea Cruda 30C – For over stimulation (a Homeopathic remedy)
Elm – Releasing responsibilities
Impatiens – Releases stress & tension
White Chestnut – To quiet the mind
Five Flower Formula – Creates relaxation
(Contains: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem)

Spiritual Transformation:
Cherry Plum – Creates balance & equanimity
Holly – Opens your heart
Rock Rose – To remove fear
Scleranthus – For indecision
Star of Bethlehem – Connection to those around you and yourself
Sweet Chestnut – For trusting
Walnut – Ease process of letting go
Wild Oat – a sense of life–purpose.

Springing Forward
Cerato – To trust your inner voice and intuition
Cherry Plum – To help go with the flow, and relax into new ventures
Crab Apple – To be free from limiting influences
Honeysuckle – To assist in being present
Oak – For strength and perseverance
Star of Bethlehem – To release past traumas
Vervain – For enthusiasm
Walnut – For confident new beginnings.

Stress Less
Nux Vomica 200C – To lessen overwhelm (a Homeopathic Remedy)
Beech – To lessen irritability
Cherry Plum – Creates balance & equanimity
Elm – Faith you’ll complete your task
Impatiens – To slow down
Oak – Provides stamina & endurance
Star of Bethlehem – Soothes the nerves
Vervain – To balance enthusiasm

Very Virile – A bottle to get you in the mood
Centaury – Let yourself have it
Cherry Plum – Go with the flow
Clematis – To be present physically & emotionally
Hornbeam – To get it up, stamina
Larch – For confidence
Red Chestnut – Trust others abilities
Rock Water – Flexibility and willingness
*Sepia 200C If a woman has low libido
*Lycopodium 200C For a man’s low libido.

Help For the Classroom

Not every remedy will be included, once you order, we will contact you to narrow down the choices to approximately six different remedies.
Cerato – Inappropriate laughing and immature behavior, no trust in their own abilities
Cherry Plum – Tension that releases in outbursts, fear of mental failure, OCD, lack of impulse control
Chestnut Bud – Impulsive physical conduct, hyperactivity, ADD, disruptive behaviors, antisocial
Clematis – Daydreaming, hazy thinking, absent minded
Crab Apple – OCD, (cleans energy in room)
Elm – Lost in details, tasks seem impossible, self doubt
Gentian – Learning disabilities, mind is easily discouraged, gives up easily, lack of faith
Heather – Over talkative, unable to be alone
Holly – Over-stimulation, outbursts of anger, antisocial, easily annoyed, belittling of others, fear of being deceived
Hornbeam – Procrastination, lack of concentration
Impatiens – Stuttering, mind is tense and wound up, lack of impulse control, short tempered, impatient
Larch – Anticipation of failure, (good for before exams)
Olive – Absentminded, disinterested
Pine – OCD, perfectionism
Scleranthus – Lack of focus, over stimulated, fluctuating moods
Vervain – OCD, outbursts of violence, hyperactivity
Vine – Anger, condescension to others, bullying, abusive behavior, others opinions are disregarded
Water Violet – Withdrawn and aloof, may have a hard time making friends, autism
White Chestnut – Preoccupied with worrisome thoughts, monkey mind, OCD, autism, tourettes
Wild Oat – Lack of concentration, boredom, lethargy, disinterested in playing, inappropriate behavior patterns
Willow – Passive-aggressive behavior, bitterness, resentment

Jet Lag

Arnica Montana 30C – Sleeplessness from being overtired
Cocculus 30C – To ease travel sickness, and loss of appetite
Nux Vomica 30C – Vertigo, over indulgences, sour stomach
Mustard – For sleep and appetite disturbances
Gentian – Boost to physical stamina
Honeysuckle – Homesickness, sleeplessness, diminished vitality
Aspen – For the fear of flying and of new places and surroundings
Agrimony – To ease into the changing of schedules and time zones

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