ladyWhen our beloved twenty-one year old pony, Lady, began to severely colic, it was suggested that we try the Bach Flower Remedies to help her feel better while waiting for the more traditional muscle relaxers to arrive (Benatmine). I was hesitant at first, but figured there’d be no harm in trying. Within literally moment of giving her just a few drops of Bach Flowers, she was 100% better! And, this was a pony who, moments before, was off her feed and dropping to the ground in pain! My first aid kit for all my animals, including the two legged, now includes Julie’s amazing Bach Flower Remedies! I highly recommend her remedies to everyone!

—- V.L., Camp Verde, AZ


Julie Haskins has improved my life with Bach Flower Essences. My two children were separated from me at the age of 6 and 2, in 2002. Even though I have a long distance relationship with them, my heart was so pulled in the direction of sadness, yet I laughed, worked, and socialized, but there were times I felt overwhelmingly sad. My girls are 14 and 9 now; during one of those sad days, Julie performed a tapping technique and shared Bach Flower Essences with me. I feel happier, clear, free and have not had a sad day since Julie blessed me with the Bach Flower oils as a Christmas gift in ‘09, thank you Julie I feel so much better. Bless you for your commitment to enhancing better health and emotional well being for those whom are reaching out to you, as I did.

Debbie Haun
Murrieta, CA

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