Indications Of Use

There are 38 different Bach Flower Essences. The indications of use for each Bach Flower Essence is vast. Below is a condensed list to give you a basic feel for what each essence can be used for.

The questionnaires on this site will indicate which essences will be most beneficial to you. To order a customized combination bottle, start by clicking a questionnaire link provided below:

Acute Bach Flower Remedy Questionnaire

Pet Bach Flower Remedy Questionnaire

1. Agrimony:  Mental anguish behind a “brave face.”

2. Aspen: Vague unknown fears. Anxiety and apprenhension.

3. Beech: Critical and intolerant of others.

4. Centaury: Unable to say “no”. Easily imposed on.

5. Cerato: Unable to make decisions without the advice from others.

6. Cherry Plum: Fear losing control of thought and actions.

7. Chestnut Bud: Need to learn by experience, repeats same mistakes over and over.

8. Chicory: Always knows just what’s “right” for others. Possessive.

9. Clematis: Dreamy, absentminded, lack of attention and concentration.

10. Crab Apple: Poor physical self-image. Feelings of shame and uncleanliness.

11. Elm: Temporary feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed by responsibilities.

12. Gentian: Easily discouraged, often with self-doubt. Pessimistic.

13. Gorse: Hopeless and despair.

14. Heather: Obsessed with own troubles; overtalkative, unhappy when alone.

15. Holly: Suspicious, envious, vengeful; those who hate.

16. Honeysuckle: Dwells in the past, of what was, and could have been.

17. Hornbeam: Tiredness and fatigue; gets things done, but feels need to be strengthened.

18. Impatiens: Impatient, fast-paced, irritable.

19. Larch: Lack of self-confidence; anticipates failure.

20. Mimulus: Fear of known things; heights, the dark, being alone, etc.

21. Mustard: Deep gloom, which comes and goes. Melancholia.

22. Oak: Workaholic. Nose to the grindstone syndrome, can neglect own, and needs of those close.

23. Olive: Complete exhaustion; weariness.

24. Pine: Dissatisfied with own accomplishments; feelings of guilt. Perfectionist.

25. Red Chestnut: Over-concern and worry for others, fearing the worst may happen.

26. Rock Rose: Terror, extreme fright and panic. Nightmares.

27. Rock Water: Overly-rigid, strict adherence to a particular belief or lifestyle.

28. Scleranthus: Indecisiveness, forever inbetween choices.

29. Star of Bethlehem: Past traumas not fully recovered from.

30. Sweet Chestnut: Extreme anguish; having reached the limits of one’s endurance.

31. Vervain: “Must always be right.” High strung philosophizer easily incensed by injustices.

32. Vine: Natural leaders; in extreme can be dominating and tyrannical.

33. Walnut: Stabilizes during periods of transition; eases process of letting to and beginning anew.

34. Water Violet: Loners, proud and aloof; result, difficulty developing close relationships.

35. White Chestnut: Persistent, unwanted thoughts, mental chatter and associated sleeplessness.

36. Wild Oat: Dissatisfied with career but undecided what else to do; feeling that life is passing by.

37. Wild Rose: Resigned to circumstances; indifferent and apathetic.

38. Willow: Resentment and bitterness at having been treated unfairly.


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