How to Use

There are different ways to use Bach Flower Essences. Taking the undiluted essence straight from the stock bottle has a strong, immediate effect, but often is not as long lasting.

The combination bottles, such as are offered on this site, is recommended for continued treatment or chronic negative behavior patterns.

A 1oz dispenser bottle is filled with spring water and four drops of each essence called out for by your questionnaire, plus one more essence that is intuitively tested for by us.

It is recommended to take approximately four drops from your combination bottle, 4 times per day. Another option is to add a dropper full to a water bottle to sip on throughout the day. You can also add a dropper full of your bottle to your bath, or directly onto your skin.

Pets can benefit from Bach Flower essences as well. You can adminster a pet’s combination bottle by adding a few drops to your pet’s water dish or place directly into their mouth. (1 drop several times a day for a small pet, up to 4 drops several times a day for a large pet). If your pet has a distaste for the liquid, you can put the drops onto your pet’s ears, pads of their paws, nose or lips.

It is best to store your combination bottle at room temperature, away from sunlight. The bottles are quite stable so items such as computers, refrigerators, x-rays, etc. do not affect them.

For their fullest effect, it is recommended to take the essences about 10 minutes before/after eating and a few minutes after brushing your teeth.

Bach Flower Essences are beneficial to men, women, children, pets and even plants! Bach Flower Essences can be combined with other forms of therapy and treatments and still be quite effective and safe.

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