Bach Flower Remedies

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When your emotions are chaotic, your life is chaotic. Bach remedies balance you, create peace amongst the chaos. You can truly find yourself, and move forward in your life, and create what you really desire when you are in balance.

Let me help you find your way.


Bach Flower Essences are used throughout the world, their purpose is address emotions such as  depression, indecision, shock, trauma, anger and anxiety.

Emotions play a key part in our physical well-being. Bach Flower Essences can be used at times of anxiety and stress, and are particularly helpful for the many people who feel generally tired and unwell without a specific medical diagnosis.

There are 38 different Bach Flower Essences.

Bach Remedies Can Help With:
*Relieving Depression
*Shock/Trauma (Both Past and Present)
*Concentration & Focus
*Relieving Guilt & Shame
*Self-Esteem Issues
*Hormonal Issues
*Mid-life crisis
*Learning Difficulties
*Transitions & Changes

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies are placed under 7 headings of different emotional states which prevent us from being healthy within and being our true selves:
• Fear
• Uncertainty
• Insufficient interest in present circumstances
• Loneliness
• Over-sensitive to influences and ideas
• Despondency or despair
• Over-care for the welfare of others.

By working with these remedies and taking the essences in water these conflicts can be transformed from the above to Peace, Hope, Joy, Faith, Certainty, Wisdom and Love.

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